ASCLS is proud to offer multiple travel grant opportunities to our student and new professional members.

These grants are made possible by these generous contributors:

  • Undergraduate Travel Grant Funding:
    • Beckman Coulter Foundation
    • ASCLS Diversity Advocacy Council (DAC)
    • ASCLS Student Forum
  • New Professional Travel Grant Funding:
    • ASCLS New Professionals / New Member Forum (NPNMF)

Available GrantsWeb BeckmanCoulter

  • Five $1000 travel grants for undergraduate students provided by the Beckman Coulter Foundation
  • Two $750 travel grants for ASCLS Student Members provided by the ASCLS Student Forum 
  • One $500 travel grant for an ASCLS Student Member provided by the ASCLS DAC
  • Three $1200 travel grants for ASCLS New Professional / New Members provided by the ASCLS NPNMF

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the online form below.  Items with an asterick (*) are required.
  2. Upload both requested documents:
    1. Statement of Purpose Essay:  In an essay of 500 words or less, describe why you would like to attend the 2018 ASCLS Annual Meeting.  Include any recent or current involvement at the local, state, and national levels of ASCLS.  Document should be uploaded in Microsoft Word format.
    2. Character Reference:  Upload one (1) Professional / Character Reference Letter.  Some examples of professional references include: Program director, Professor, or Supervisor.

Deadline for Submission:  Friday, May 25, 2018

Note: We will NOT ask for missing documents. Only COMPLETED APPLICATIONS will be reviewed.


To be considered for a travel grant, each applicant must:

  1. Be a current ASCLS member for at least 4 months (join date before January 25, 2018), but not for more than 5 years (join date after May 25, 2013).   Your application must coincide with your membership category:
    1. Student members are eligibile to apply for the undergraduate travel grants
    2. FYP and Professional members who meet the requirements for the NPNMF are eligible to apply for the NPNMF travel grant
  2. Have registered as a full conference attendee to the 2018 ASCLS Annual Meeting. The registration will be confirmed by the ASCLS National Office.
  3. Not be the ASCLS National New Professionals and New Members Forum Chair, Vice-Chair, or Secretary.
  4. Not be the ASCLS National Student Forum Chair, Vice-Chair, or Secretary.
  5. Not be a current or former U.S. or Canadian healthcare professional with an M.D. degree.

Preference is given to the following:

  • Members who have a record of active professional/student organization involvement and/or interest in professional activities.
  • Applicants who are not receiving funding from any other ASCLS source.  If you are receiving outside funding, please be sure to list this assistance in your Statement of Purpose essay (e.g. – from your state or region society, education program). 

To receive a travel grant, grantees must:

  1. Attend all Student Forum or NPNMF events at the Annual Meeting.  The DAC grant winner should also attend the DAC meeting on Sunday, July 29, 2018.
  2. Attend the Issues Update/Professional Issues Open Forum and the House of Delegates.
  3. Attend a photo shoot at the sponsor exhibit booth (if applicable).
  4. Complete a W-9 form.
  5. Submit a one-page summary of your experiences within 2 weeks of the end of the Annual Meeting.

NOTE: All recipients will be awarded half of the grant funds prior to the meeting and the remaining half of the funds following the meeting. Remaining grant funds will not be disbursed unless all of the above grant requirements are met by required deadlines. Please consider this information when making travel arrangements.

It is expected that recipients will maintain their ASCLS Membership and provide active service at the local, state or national level after receipt of grant.

Travel Grant Application

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Undergraduate students may apply for multiple grants.

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Academic Program (if applicable)
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If you are applying for a student travel grant, please list the name of the laboratory science academic program in which you are enrolled.

Program Director (if applicable)
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If you are applying for a student travel grant, please list the name of the program director for the program in which you are enrolled.

Program Director Email Address (if applicable)
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If you are applying for a student travel grant, please list the email address for your program director.

Organizational Memberships
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Please list any organizations, besides ASCLS, for which you are a member.

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If you are employed, please provide the name of your employer.

Statement of Purpose(*)
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In 500 works or less, please attach a brief statement in Microsoft Word format answering the following questions: Why do you want to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting? What do you hope to learn/experience from the meeting? How would attending the Annual Meeting benefit you?

Character Reference(*)
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Please contact one (1) individual who can attest to your character, academic potential and financial needs. Have them complete a letter of recommendation on the School’s/Employer’s letterhead. References may be from a Clinical Laboratory Science Program Director, Program Faculty member, or employer. NOTE: You must allow sufficient time for the individuals to send their recommendations back to you so you can meet the email deadline of May 25.

Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email.