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Case Studies for the Laboratory Professional

Each case study is designed to take you beyond the laboratory test and investigate the causes for abnormal laboratory results.  Download each case study for free!

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Case set #20 - Chemistry


Rhabdomyolysis and the Kidney in a Fall-Risk Patient


Case set #19 - Microbiology

Reality Bites - And So Do Dogs

Cast set #18 - Microbiology

Pharyngitis Leading to Acute Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis

Case set #17 - Immunohematology

Alloimmunization to a Complex Rh Antigen, f

Case set #16 -  Parasitology

Strongyloidiasis in the Immunocompromised Patient

Case set #15 - Mycology/Parasitology
A Combined Mycology/Parasitology Edition, Includes 2 Cases:
Part 1: Aspergillusterreus Recovered from a Corneal Scraping
Part 2: Paragonimus westermani:  Mimicker of Tuberculosis
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ASCLS welcomes case study submissions.  Download author submission guidelines.  All case studies are peer-reviewed before publication.

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