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Everyone has a story of how they have impacted patient care in the laboratory.  What about you?  The Promotion of the Profession Committee (PPC) wants you to share your story by completing the form below.

As laboratorians, we want to know that other members of the healthcare team understand and appreciate our role in patient care.  We play a huge part in patient safety.  We see situations every day where laboratory tests are being over-utilized, under-ultilized, misinterpreted or just ignored.  It is up to US to be the voice for those patients.  Who better to consult with other health care professionals about laboratory results than those of us who live and breathe laboratory testing every day?  Indeed, there are already many of you out there who are doing just that:  Having those critical conversations with doctors and nurses on the floors, units, clinics, etc.  We offer patient safety resources to help cultivate these conversations.  Visit our Patient Safety website for more information.

Hearing your story will help to empower someone else in the laboratory to take that first step out of the lab and into this role of patient advocate and lab consultant.  The Promotion of the Profession Committee is kicking off a yearlong campaign at the Annual Meeting in San Diego.  We would like to mark the miles from our 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego to the 2018 Annual Meeting in Chicago by documenting these critical conversations.  It is 2080 miles from San Diego to Chicago.  Each conversation will be logged throughout the year and will bring us closer to Chicago with our ultimate destination of recognition and understanding.   With San Diego in close proximity to Route 66, we are going to follow this road and highlight attractions along the way as we reach milestones.

Using the form below, tell your story of how you educated or elevated our profession to another healthcare collegue, such as explaining why a specimen must be collected correctly, the consequences of skipped or ignore quality control or other important topics.  Describe an interaction where the laboratory's role in patient care was emphasized.

Each story will be equivalent to one mile on the road from San Diego to Chicago.  We will mark these miles on a map displayed on the front page of the ASCLS website.  Everyone will be able to keep track of our progress.  ANY laboratorian can enter a conversation, not just an ASCLS member.  Refer your friends and fellow lab mates!

We would like to get some momentum before the 2017 Annual Meeting, so we are asking you to start sending in your conversations ASAP (or STAT or Super-STAT!).  The more stories, the easier our travels will be.  So tell us your story today!

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