Body of Knowledge Updates

The ASCLS Body of Knowledge (BOK) encompasses the essential knowledge base for what is recognized and practiced in the clinical laboratory profession. As overseen by the BOK Committee, this document is updated annually according to the following schedule:

  • Year 1:  Immunology/Immunohematology, General Practice, Molecular
  • Year 2:  Microbiology, Administration
  • Year 3:  Chemistry, Renal/UA
  • Year 4:  Hematology, Education, Phlebotomy
  • Year 5:  Integration of BOK changes into Entry Level Curriculum

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Lab Professionals

Lab photo Laboratory professionals include a variety of individuals - clinical laboratory directors, managers, supervisors, hematologists, immunologists, educators, clinical chemists, microbiologists, phlebotomists, and other professionals.  ASCLS provides dynamic leadership and vigorously promotes all aspects of clinical laboratory science practice, education and management to ensure excellent, accessible cost-effective laboratory services for the consumers of health care.  

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