Diversity Advocacy Council, formerly Forum for Concerns of Minorities

The Diversity Advocacy Council, formerly, the Forum for Concerns of Minorities, provides assistance to students in medical laboratory scientist or medical laboratory technician programs, who demonstrate evidence of financial need.

Award: Two scholarship recipients will be announced at the ASCLS Annual Meeting. One will be awarded to a Medical Laboratory Science student and one to a Medical Laboratory Technician student, if both groups of students apply. The total monies collected for scholarships will be divided equally between the two students.

Application deadline: April 1
Submit one completed application packet to the Diversity Advocacy Council Scholarship Chair listed on the application.  Applications MUST BE TYPED and must be emailed by April 1.


  • Applicant must be accepted to a NAACLS-accredited program in medical/clinical laboratory science to include Medical (Clinical) Laboratory Science/Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician Program
  • The applicant must have at least one additional semester of coursework after April 1.
  • Applicant must demonstrate evidence of financial need

Download the scholarship application

Note: Read and double-check all directions before emailing application.


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