Member of the Year

The ASCLS Member of the Year Award is sponsored each year to recognize a member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and to the Society and who has, by outstanding example, inspired others. All nominees are recognized at the ASCLS Annual Awards ceremony where the recipient of this award will be announced.


  • Membership in ASCLS for five years prior to nomination; membership must be current at the time of presentation
  • Must be actively involved in the profession of clinical laboratory science
  • ASCLS Board of Director members are not eligible during their tenure on the Board

Please remember: To be nominated for this award is an honor in itself and is the reason that each nominee receives a plaque. Constituent societies are asked to nominate a deserving member and encourage their participation in this award.

Judging: The recipient of this award is selected by his/her contribution to the profession and ASCLS over the entire duration of their membership. In selecting nominees, constituent societies should look at members who have made significant contributions during the past year and members who have a long history of contribution. The former will be honored by the nomination while the latter are serious contenders for the ASCLS Member of the Year Award.

All nominees are evaluated by their involvement in four categories:

  1. ASCLS activities to include length of membership and participation at local, state, regional and national levels
  2. Participation in honor organizations related to the clinical laboratory sciences
  3. Professional honors bestowed for ASCLS activities
  4. Contribution to the profession to include NCA and NAACLS activities, government and licensure activities, health fairs, career day, NMLW activities and others that promote clinical laboratory sciences in the community

Nominees should not feel discouraged about lack of participation in any category. Categories two through four have a maximum point allocation to allow for judging emphasis to be placed on contribution to the society and the profession of clinical laboratory sciences throughout an individual's membership.

Nomination deadline: Feb. 15
Please weigh the qualifications and choice of this outstanding member carefully. The judges of this award have the difficult task of selecting a winner based on the information provided on the forms. Please pay particular attention to how you complete them. Your thoughtful presentation of the candidate's merit, accurate completion of the forms and careful attention to the deadline will ensure your nominee the full consideration he/she deserves.

Each constituent society may present one nominee. A previous nomination will not disqualify a person for re-nomination. The Awards Committee is aware that a number of societies present Member of the Year Awards at Spring Meetings. Constituent societies who traditionally nominate this individual for national recognition frequently encounter ASCLS Member of the Year Award deadline conflicts. As a possible solution the Awards Committee suggests that the previous year's state Member of the Year be submitted as the ASCLS candidate for the current year. Please remember that this is only a recommendation, and that each constituent society may nominate their member of the year by the selection method of their choice.

  • Nomination must be made by the constituent society president. It is the society president's responsibility to make sure the society's nominee understands what must be submitted, and does the follow-through to see that deadlines are observed. It is also the society President's responsibility to have the essay (see below) written and submitted, though the President is not required to write it.
  • All forms must be typed and provided in triplicate. To be valid, a nomination must follow the format noted herein; word processing programs may be used. Additional sheets of information must also be furnished in triplicate. CV's are not acceptable.
  • An essay in support of the merits of the nominee as an individual and as a participant in the constituent society and local societies must be included. Points are awarded from the essay in the category of contribution to the profession.
  • Optional: a recent photograph of nominee. This picture may be used in the awards program ceremony or future publications and will not be returned to the individual. Digital pictures, in JPG or GIF format, may also be submitted as email attachments to the ASCLS Awards Committee.
  • The constituent society nomination form, the nominee information form and the essay must be submitted by Feb. 15 to the Awards Committee. Nominations lacking either form will not be accepted. The postmark deadline is strictly adhered to.

Download the Member of the Year Award application as pdf

Download the Member of the Year Award application as doc

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