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Through the work of a special task force and generous contributors, ASCLS was able to develop a short video to highlight the role laboratory professionals play in patient care. In this 12 minute video, a young boy, who was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia (M3), and his family provide their thoughts and feelings about their experience. Laboratorians, the hematopathologist and the hematology/oncology physician, also share their part in this particular case.

This poignant and moving story helps to demonstrate the active, vital role that laboratorians play every day in every lab in the country. The video is intended to inspire and empower members of the laboratory profession to articulate the importance of their contributions to healthcare.

The video is meant to be used by members of the clinical laboratory profession - practitioners, educators, managers, supervisors, or industry representatives – to share how laboratory services and laboratorians contribute to healthcare with those who do not understand, such as with healthcare institution administrators, physicians, nurses and other healthcare colleagues, patients, or legislators.

You may download the video below in several different formats. Files sizes are large so will take a while to download.

ASCLS wishes to thank the following contributors who made the production possible:

In addition, ASCLS wishes to thank John DeGuise and his family and the staff at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI.






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