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Expand your Network at the 2020 Joint Annual Meeting of ASCLS and AGT

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 has impacted the laboratory community more than most, simultaneously requiring us to ramp up to meet historic levels of testing in some areas, while downsizing others. Along the way, we’ve been forced to innovate and pivot to meet the needs of a deeply at-risk public. One result of this pandemic is the loss of community connection as meetings have been cancelled or postponed.

ASCLS and AGT feel compelled to step into the void and will take on the challenge of offering an entirely new meeting format this summer.

A virtual meeting will further our goal of breaking down the walls of the typical medical meeting. The Joint Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and the Association of Genetic Technologists is building an event that starts with a fundamentally different understanding of the relationship between medical laboratory professionals and industry, with our societies as the connector.

We are not just moving our traditional meeting into an online format, but fundamentally re-engineering the meeting to optimize the online experience. This virtual meeting allows participants maximum flexibility to engage and absorb content when and how they choose, with access to all sessions, dramatically expanding access to educational content.

The center of the meeting is a digital hub with attendees and partners mutually finding ways to engage outside the traditional parameters of a live meeting.

Professionals and industry have mutual interest in advancing clinical laboratory science for the benefit of patients. In partnership, laboratory professionals and industry both bring value to an environment of learning, creativity, and innovation.

Do you have an idea you’d like to try? Let us know!

Each benefit’s value will increase as the partner amplifies the effects by strategically layering their execution of each opportunity.

Partner Listing (Basic and VIP): Basic listing includes one web address, company description and contact information. VIP editing allows you to edit your own entry, add a second URL that can lead to an open virtual meeting room you host, or a microsite.  VIP editing also allows you to add images, your major social media handles, and upload PDF documents for attendees to access. Platinum partners have the additional benefit of having their listing featured with the partner brand on the virtual meeting map.

Full Registrations: Every participant in the Joint Annual Meeting, including industry partners, is a full registrant. This gives partners access to engage with other attendees during all elements of the virtual meeting including educational sessions. Full registrations also can claim P.A.C.E. credit for sessions attended. Higher investment levels provide lower cost, additional individual registrations. Laboratory professionals employed by the partner may appreciate the opportunity to further their education at a very affordable price.

Targeted Connections: All partners have access to all the other attendees via the Event App, which allows for a virtual connection and appointment setting during the conference. The listing also remains after the conference for easy reference and follow-up.

Exclusive Access and Discount Pricing for Gold and Platinum Partners: Among the benefits of commitments at the Gold and Platinum level are exclusive benefit access as well as reduced pricing on customizable add-ons.

Concurrent Educational Session Sponsorship with Enduring Material Recognition: Concurrent educational programming is being recorded to be made available to attendees and non-attendees (for purchase) after the event. Educational session sponsors are acknowledged at the beginning and end of the session and included in any recordings. The sponsor is listed in the session description in the Event App with the company brand/logo, on the walk-in slide, and on a branded host virtual background. Sponsors have the option for a two-minute welcome from their representative, which will be included in recorded sessions. Sponsors have the option to automatically direct attendees to a post session URL of their choice to reinforce messages or facilitate remarketing. Sponsors also may run a single sponsored multiple-choice poll at the beginning or end of the educational session.

Push Notifications: Attendees will be using the CrowdCompass Event App platform from their mobile devices or computers to access the meeting. Gold level partners are entitled to one push notification and Platinum partners are entitled to two. Push notifications allow for short, very visible messaging sent directly to the attendees to spur actions that include pushing a visit to a virtual meeting room or reinforce sponsorship value by encouraging attendance at sponsored events.

Sponsored Game Challenges: The Virtual JAM will be gamified using the Click social game platform. Sponsors can customize a game challenge and award points to attendees for completing specific actions. This is a wonderful way to engage attendees outside the regular meeting hours.

JAM-Pack: The JAM-Pack is a package delivered to all early meeting registrants that will include a meeting branded insulated mug, materials for group activities, and printed materials from partners. Platinum partners can arrange to include their own premiums for delivery to hundreds of early registrants.

Banner Advertising: Gold partners have a rotation for their banner ad included in their packages. Platinum partners receive double the rotation and are encouraged to submit two different banner ads to maximize their exposure.

Commercial Symposia ($1,000 value): These 30-minute sessions run during unopposed education time in our webinar rooms. These sessions are recorded and made available to attendees who wish to stream them later.  ASCLS includes these sessions in the session listing in the Event App. The topics and speakers are chosen and arranged by the sponsor.

Pre and Post Event Email to Participants: Meeting organizers will be distributing an email to all registrants before and after the Virtual JAM featuring our Platinum partners with 200-character description, color image and link of the partner’s choice.

Social Media Post Thank You: This is an opportunity to reach an audience outside the meeting attendees. ASCLS will post a thank you to our Gold (group acknowledgement) and Platinum (exclusive acknowledgement) level partners to our audiences on Facebook (22,000+), Twitter (7,300+), LinkedIn (9,500+) and Instagram. Posts will tag the partners handles, allowing for easy sharing.

Virtual Room Name ($2,000): ASCLS will maintain three virtual meeting rooms as well as one, larger general session rooms. Naming rights to each room are available. This is an excellent way to scale brand recognition in this community. The room name will be listed the online program and Event App within each session held there. The name of the room will also be listed on the virtual map.

Opening/Closing Keynote ($2,500 each): All attendees are together for the Keynote sessions. The Keynote sponsor will be invited to welcome attendees and present a short (less than 3 minute) message welcoming attendees. During the welcome, the partner’s logo or other brands will be displayed on screen.

Group “Social” Activities/Breaks ($2,500): Recognition of the sponsor is provided throughout the activities. Activities include group chair yoga, a beach party, baking/cooking contests, and other fun activities. Customized opportunities are available.

Early Registration: June 1, 2020

JAM-Pack Commitments: To be included in the JAM-Pack, commitments must be received by Friday June 5, 2020

JAM-Pack Shipment: Items to be included in the JAM-Pack must be received by the close of business on Wednesday June 10, 2020

Monday, June 29, 2020

  • 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Opening Keynote, concurrent programming, commercial symposiums, poster presentations, networking opportunities

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

  • 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Concurrent programming, commercial symposiums, poster presentations, networking opportunities

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

  • 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Concurrent programming, commercial symposiums, poster presentations, networking opportunities, Closing Keynote
Confirmed Industry Partners

CDC Division of Laboratory Systems

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

MetaSystems Group, Inc.

Rush University






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