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ASCLS is a community that supports current and future laboratory professionals as they advance in the profession and it advocates on behalf of the profession for the good of the public and holds the profession accountable to a Code of Ethics.

Through its governance structure, ASCLS members coordinate efforts to achieve their profession’s goals and provide the resources to support those efforts. Through membership the Society develops resources via dues and the development of programs.

ASCLS provides a structure for the profession to collaborate with other professions or for the membership to collaborate with other stakeholder groups within the profession and serves as a mutual support structure for those working to advance the profession and the Society.


ASCLS Lapsed Member Campaign

Thank you for participating in the ASCLS Lapsed Member Campaign.  Please review the below instructions to complete this call to action:

Lapsed Member Call to Action

Once you have completed contact with a lapsed member(s), please complete the following form and submit to ASCLS. If you have like responses, you may group them together and indicate the number of times you heard that response where indicated. 

Lapsed Member Form

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