Past Presidents


One of the Society's most valuable assets is the ongoing and passionate support of ASCLS by its past presidents. For nearly 90 years, the profession's best and brightest have volunteered to serve in this capacity. These leaders continue to support ASCLS with their wisdom and commitment to the Society's mission and their fellow laboratory professionals.

passionate past presidents

Madge Baldwin-1933-34*
Sarah McCarty-1934-35*
Robert Jenkins-1935-36*
Frieda Claussen-1936-37*
Sister M. Frieda Ward-1937-38*
Christine Clayton Sequin-1938-39*
Bernice Elliott-1939-40*
Henrietta Lyle-1940-41*
Laurence Ray-1941-42*
Evelyn Jardine-1942-44*
Rose Matthaei-1944-46*
Mary Eichman-1946-47*
Ida Lucille Wallace-1947-48*
Rachel Lehman-1948-49*
Ida Reilly-1949-50*
Vernal Schene-1950-51*
Lavina White-1951-52*
Sadie Cartwright-1952-53*
Mary Nix-1953-54*
Ruth Hovde-1954-55*
Barbara Isbell-1955-56*
C. Patton Steele-1956-57*
Leanor Haley-1957-58*
Elizabeth O’Connor-1958-59*
Ruth Heinemann-1959-60*
Neillie May Bering-1960-61
Ellen Anderson-1961-62*
Lenna Loyd-1962-63*
Annie Laurie Peeler-1963-64*
Jeanne Sembower-1964-65*
Anna Fagelson-1965-66*
Verna Rausch-1966-67*
Warren Wallace-1967-68
Sara Marie Cicarelli-1968-69*
Roma Brown-1969-70*
Thelma Wilson-1970-71
Martha Winstead-1971-72*
Shirley Pohl-1972-73*
Annamarie Barros-1973-74*
John Smith-1974-75
Nancy Preuss-1975-76
Beverly Fiorella-1976-77*
L’Nora Wells-1977-78
H. Adele Spence-1978-79
Glenda D. Price-1979-80
Jeanne Burson-1980-81
Brenta G. Davis-1981-82
Bill Grimes-1982-83
H. Elise Galloway-1983-84
Marian Cardinale-1984-85
Mary Briden-1985-86
James Holley-1986-87*
Donna Meyer-1987-88
Elissa Passiment-1988-89
Sharon Zablotney-1989-90
Roma (Hall) Robinson-1990-91
Judy Davis-1991-92
Joeline Davidson-1992-93
Lucy Randles-1993-94
Dana Duzan-1994-95
Kathy Hansen-1995-96
Kathy Waller-1996-97
Karen Karni-1997-98
Margaret C. Schmidt-1998-99
James Griffith-1999-00
Cheryl Caskey-2000-01
David Fowler-2001-02
Paula Garrott-2002-03
Barbara Brown-2003-04
Susan Morris-2004-05
Bernadette Bekken-2005-06
Shirlyn McKenzie-2006-07
Rick Panning-2007-08
Scott Aikey-2008-09
Mary Ann McLane-2009-10
Marcia Armstrong-2010-11
Catherine Otto-2011-12
Linda Smith-2012-13
J.R. Constance-2013-14
Susie Zanto-2014-15
Barbara Snyderman-2015-16
Suzanne Campbell-2016-17
Debra Rodahl-2017-18
Roslyn McQueen-2018-19
Cindy Johnson-2019-2020

ASCLS Leadership

As a professional membership association, ASCLS is successful because of the dedicated leadership of our member volunteers. It is important for those in leadership positions as well as our grass roots members to be able to communicate with each other and work towards the goals of the society. The links to the right provide members with leadership contact information, resources for leaders at the state and regional level, and reports of association activities.


ASCLS Leadership Academy

The ASCLS Leadership Academy is designed to prepare ASCLS members for current and future leadership roles in the organization by providing a structured program of study of critical leadership topics.