The purpose of the "DCLS Tool Kit" is to provide information that will assist educators who are in the process of considering and/or planning a Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science (DCLS) degree program at their institution.  The information presented consists of documents developed by the DCLS Oversight Committee and vetted by ASCLS and/or NAACLS, as well as additional information that can be useful in the new program development process.

Chapter One:  DCLS Tool Kit: A Resource for Educators Introducation

Chapter Two:  History of the DCLS Task Force and Oversight Committee

Chapter Three:  ASCLS and NAACLS Resources

Chapter Four:  PhD versus Practice Doctorates

Chapter Five:  DCLS Competencies - Course Descriptions and Objectives

Chapter Six:  Evidence of Need

Chapter Seven:  Reference List

Chapter Eight:  Models of Course - Faculty and Resources Sharing

Chaper Nine:  Clinical Sites and Residency Information

Chapter Ten:  DCLS Proposal - Concept - Document Sample

Chapter Eleven: DCLS Board Certification

Chapter Twelve: DCLS Programs in United States

Chapter Thirteen: Online DCLS Course Catalog
13A:Online DCLS Course Catalog by University
13B:Online DCLS Course Catalog by Subject