Established in 1953, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Education and Research Fund, Inc. (ASCLS E & R Fund) provides scholarships, research grants, and professional awards that assist in the growth of the Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science profession and enhance the essential services provided by laboratory professionals. The research grants acknowledge excellence in research and are intended to be used as funds for pilot studies, preliminary data collection and early grants for investigators new to research. 

Resources originate from contributions and bequests from individual laboratory practitioners, ASCLS members, and industry partners; gifts that honor or memorialize loved ones, colleagues, and friends; and proceeds from the ASCLS annual meeting's silent auction of premiums provided by individual members and state societies.

The Fund offers annual scholarships to honor Dan Southern ($2,000) and in memory of Edward C. Dolbey, Michelle Kanuth, and Bernadette Rodak ($1,500 - $2,500).  A $3000 Edward C. Dolbey graduate scholarship is offered to graduate students in Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science or in a related graduate field. The Fund also offers research grants of $3,000–$5,000 supporting members' investigations of issues critical to laboratory medicine and health care. The I. Dean Spradling Graduate Research Grant is awarded to a qualifying graduate student in MLS. The awards program recognizes outstanding achievements, contributions, and service to the profession and celebrates the value of professional ability and commitment. Grants, scholarships, and professional achievement awards are presented at the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

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Professional Awards

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For additional undergraduate scholarships, go to the Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity scholarship program.


2020 Scholarship Recipients

Edward C. Dolbey Scholarship
Graduate: Shannon Kern
Undergraduate MLS: Jacob Dickman
Undergraduate MLT: Karlee Quail

Michelle Kanuth Memorial
Molly Wynn

Bernadette F. “Bunny” Rodak Memorial
Lacie Melder

Dan Southern Scholarship
Mariana Salcido

2020 Grant Recipients

Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award Winner
Claire Owaja, Evelyn Roback-Navarro, Naomi Iwai, and Nadine Lerret
Hyperglycemia Activates the CD27-CD70 Axis on Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Edward C. Dolbey Scholarship
Graduate: Sharon Ziemba
Undergraduate MLS: Maria Sinoy

Michelle Kanuth Memorial
Olivia Kempke

Bernadette F. “Bunny” Rodak Memorial
Erin King

Dan Southern Scholarship
Sarah Ballard

2019 Grant Recipients

Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award Honorable Mention
Nadine Lerret
The Role of Hyperglycemia in CD4 T Cell Survival and Differentiation

Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award Winner
Janelle Chiasera
Acute Myocardial Infarction: Definition, Diagnosis, and the Evolution of Cardiac Markers

Member Grants
Nadine Lerret
Hyperglycemia-Induced Inflammation via the CD27/CD70 Pathway

Tim Randolph
Effect of Exercise on Abnormal Baseline Biomarkers in Sickle Cell Trait

I. Dean Spradling Graduate Research Grant
Leah Ames
Reducing Medical Errors: Perceptions of Collaboration with a Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science

Kleiner ER Award 
 Janelle Chiasera and Roslyn McQueen


Member ER Grant 
 Nadine Lerret, Roslyn McQueen, and Tim Randolph