ASCLS Networking
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1. Networking. The ASCLS-AGT 2019 Joint Annual Meeting, June 23-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina, will offer exceptional opportunities to build relationships with medical laboratory professionals from across the nation. From bench techs to specialists, students to educators, and industry partners to researchers, you will have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and socialize with people who truly understand what you do and why you are so passionate about your profession. These are the people you can count on for advice and assistance throughout your career. Hear from ASCLS members about the valuable networking opportunities for attendees.

2. Education. The conference program offers a number of sessions that will help you grow in the profession. Here is just a sampling.

The Value of Professionalism in Laboratory Medicine, June 24, 2:30 pm
What do we do about rude behaviors and bad attitudes in the laboratory? Is professionalism just misunderstood or do we not do enough to set the expectations? Employers and educators will discuss collaborations to develop training and continuing education programs for new and seasoned laboratory professionals.

As the Lab Turns – A Day in the Life of the Soap Opera That Can Be Lab Leadership (Parts 1 and 2), June 24, 3:45 pm
An interactive case study based discussion around the sometimes messy people side of the lab. We will walk through a number of different scenarios that lab leaders often face and offer different tools to help navigate these difficult conversations and situations.

The Top Five Skills of Effective Leaders, June 25, 10:30 am
Leadership is a term often used in everyday conversation, but there is no common or accepted definition. What we do know is that leadership has ... (1) nothing to do with titles, (2) nothing to do with seniority or one's position in the hierarchy of a company, and (3) nothing to do with personal attributes. Come learn the process, behaviors, and skills of effective leaders.

Career Symposium Panel, June 26, 10:30 am
This session includes three presentations on topics related to career advancement and professional development: Advancing the Laboratory Professions through Distance Learning; Turning Education Into Employment; and DIY Mentoring.

DCLS: One Year in Practice Review, June 26, 2:00 pm
With a full year of Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science (DCLS) in professional practice, commonly asked questions are: What has it been like? What is a typical day? How have physicians responded? Answers to these and many other questions in this interview-style format from the first DCLS in practice and her colleagues.

3. Recruitment. Among the exhibiting organizations at the Joint Annual Meeting are a number of companies and organizations all recruiting for clinical laboratory positions. Additionally, some universities will provide information regarding their advanced degree opportunities for laboratory professionals.

Ensure you are moving down the right path for career success. Make plans to join us in Charlotte June 23-27. Online registration ends this Friday, June 7!