The Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference (CLEC) is the premier educational conference for faculty, administrators, directors, advisers, and others in clinical laboratory science education. Take it from CLEC 2018 attendees and their favorite takeaways from the conference. There are at least four great reasons why you should register for CLEC 2019, which will be held February 21-23 in Baltimore.

1. Learn from 500 other Educators Face to Face

“I valued hearing about other professionals’ ways of handling students and meeting some of the people I email with but never met face to face.” 

“Getting to hear from others about what is working for them, and being able to either say ‘yes, I can incorporate that’ or ‘I was thinking of doing that but now realize it wouldn’t work for my situation.’”

“Reassuring that I’m not alone! It is great to speak with others who are in the same boat.”

2. Improve Your Program and Teaching

“Great information to improve my delivery of material in the classroom as well as great introduction to new material techniques used in the clinical realm.”

“There was a high percentage of exceptional presentations that were very applicable to the current needs of my program.” 

“As usual, there was much to bring home to my colleagues that will improve our teaching and the program overall.”

3. Prepare New Program Directors and Faculty

“I am starting a new MLT program and I found the conference to be very helpful in networking, finding textbooks, ideas for clinical rotations and many other very helpful ideas and products.” 

“Some of the sessions calmed my anxiety of starting a new program.”

“I got a very good overall feeling for what is involved with running an MLS program.”

“As a new faculty member, it allowed me to network with many great people. And network I did!”

4. Be Inspired

“A renewed sense of direction and purpose for clinical lab education. There were challenges placed out there for us to expand beyond our borders.”

“The empowering nature of most of the sessions encouraging us to push the envelope of our expertise.”

“I left wanting to take the reins on self-improvement.”


Registration for CLEC 2019 will open in November. Stay tuned for more information, and make plans now to join us in Baltimore next February 21-23.