When Baltimore Became the Charm City

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Our host city for the 2019 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference (CLEC), is sometimes referred to as, "Charm City." This nickname traces its origins only back to 1975, according to The Baltimore Sun. It grew out of creative conferences among four of the city's leading advertising executives and creative directors who were trying to re-brand the city. At that time, the city suffered from a poor image and then Mayor William Donald Schaefer want to fix it … fast.

One brainstorming line set it all going: "Baltimore has more history and unspoiled charm tucked away in quiet corners than most American cities out in the spotlight."

Soon they began calling Baltimore "Charm City." They even included a charm bracelet at the bottom of each ad. Hence, "Charm City" was born and set into Baltimore legend.

Baltimore Food Bucket List

Baltimore is most famous for crab, but there are a few other foods you might want to seek out while at CLEC. Spoon University published a list of “24 Things to Eat in Baltimore Before You Die.” Among the foods are:

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Old Bay Seasoning – “Though not exactly a food on its own, Old Bay is without a doubt the most important condiment in town.”

Natty Boh (National Bohemian Beer) – “Coming in cheaper than water by weight, Natural Bohemian is the $20 30-rack of choice in the great state of Maryland.”

Zeke’s Coffee – “Zeke’s is a family-run small batch roastery.”

Lobster Roll from Thames Street Oyster House – “Expect close to an entire lobster, a bit of melted butter, and a melt-in-your-mouth roll.”

Cannoli Cake (Cassata) from Vaccaro’s – “The alternating layers of the richest cannoli cream and ethereally light cake will bring a single tear to your eye as you stare, dumbfounded, across the still waters of the Inner Harbor.”


Quirky Baltimore

In Baltimore you can see George Washington’s famous dentures at the National Museum of Dentistry. Or bathe in the red glow of Baltimore’s gigantic Domino Sugars sign – it’s big enough to fit the entire infield of Camden Yards. Or visit fantastical exhibits at the national museum for self-taught art, American Visionary Art Museum.

Check out Visit Baltimore’s Quirky Baltimore suggestions, including hometown quirky film director John Waters’ favorite Baltimore places.

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