Dr. Todd ZakrajsekThe 2019 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference Closing Keynote session on Saturday, Universal Threads: Common Components of All Effective Teaching Strategies, is designed to help you synthesize what you’ve learned at the conference and ultimately improve your teaching.

The session features Dr. Todd Zakrajsek, associate research professor and associate director of fellowship programs in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine. His current academic work and publications pertain to faculty development, effective instructional strategies, and student learning.

Dr. Zakrajsek will focus on the fundamentals of learning, emphasizing that you will have learned a lot at CLEC and may even be overloaded by this time. “The essential consideration when leaving with things that can be implemented is that we don't forget ‘what’ makes strategies work,” he says. “My focus is on attention, understanding, value, repetition, and elaboration … the items that are necessary for a teaching strategy to work.”

Dr. Zakrajsek likes to use a lot of real-life examples in his presentations, as well as inject humor and a few activities into the session. While you will learn a lot in this session, you should have fun in the process.

Get a sneak peak of Dr. Zakrajsek by watching his 2015 TEDx Talk, Improve Learning by Thinking about Learning. His CLEC presentation with go deeper into the topic and focus specifically on teaching strategies.