New Graduates

As a clinical laboratory science senior or new graduates, you probably have questions about ASCLS New Graduatesemployment opportunities, salary expectations, relocating to another state and many other topics. For your convenience, we have gathered a number of brief columns in which experts in clinical laboratory management, education, and practice address some of the most frequently asked questions.

The topics range from how to evaluate benefits packages to state licensure requirements to employment opportunities in international settings. Please click on any and all of the topics in which you are interested. From any of the columns, you may click to be connected to a list of clinical laboratory experts and their e-mail addresses. Please use these contacts to obtain more information to your specific questions. Our experts will help you or point you in the right direction.

Career development often depends on "who you know" rather than "what you know" and making and keeping contacts is a winning strategy for advancement. There is no better way to get and stay connected in the clinical laboratory science field than to retain active membership in ASCLS.