ASCLS Committee/Forum Charges 2016-17

General Charges to all Committees and Forums:

  1. Before October 1: Using the ASCLS Strategy Map, identify committee goals and create an action plan complete with assignments and timelines to accomplish specific charges. This action plan will be maintained at the ASCLS National Office, be provided to succeeding Committee/Forum Chairs, and serve as the source document for yearly updating, so as to provide continuity from year-to-year. (Organizational Efficiency)
  2. Involve all committee/forum members and Board Liaisons in activities and projects and communicate with them on a regular basis (at least monthly). Regularly scheduled conference calls should be use to facilitate the completion of committee charges. Ongoing email and telephone contact is important in our organization since our opportunities to interact in person are minimal. Inform the President and ASCLS Office if Committee members are not actively participating in Committee activities. Copy your Board and Staff Liaisons on all communications. (Communication)
  3. Update the ASCLS President and ASCLS Office by the 1st day of each month with an informal e-mail report of activities either accomplished by the Committee or Forum, or projects that are in progress. (Communication)
  4. Appropriately utilize ASCLS communication vehicles to communicate and promote activities and to solicit input or request resources/assistance (ASCLS Today, ASCLS Member Communities, ASCLS hosted mailing lists, ASCLS social media, etc.) (Communication, Marketing)
  5. Assign mentors for student and new professional members. Develop mechanisms for mentorship of these members. (Education, Organizational Efficiency)
  6. Submit formal reports for each ASCLS Board Meeting (fall conference call; interim; annual) regarding committee/forum goals, charges and activities to the Board Liaison, ASCLS President and the ASCLS Office. (Communication)
  7. Organize a training session / conference call to orient new members to the Committee, bringing them up to speed on Committee activities, charges, and action plans. (Organizational Efficiency, Education)
  8. Review and revise (as needed) all committee handbooks, resources, and manuals. Ensure the most current editions are posted on the ASCLS website, and promote their availability. (Communication)
  9. Provide input to the President-elect regarding individuals that desire to act as special advisors to committees. (Communication)

ASCLS Committees

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  • Abstract and Proposal Review Committee
  • Annual Meeting Steering Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • DCLS Oversight Committee
  • Diversity Advocacy Council
  • Education and Research Fund
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • House Affairs Committee
  • Judicial Committee
  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • P.A.C.E. Committee 
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Political Action Committee
  • Product Development Committee
  • Promotion of the Profession Committee
  • Scientific Assembly
  • Developing Professionals Forum