The ASCLS House of Delegates convenes at the Annual Meeting of the Society, and has authority within the Society regarding the:

  • election of the officers and members of the Board of Directors and of elective committees;
  • adoption and amendment of the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation according to the laws of the state of incorporation; and
  • approval of professional practice standards, position papers and the scope and direction for the Society and the profession.

Reports, resolutions and request for action to be presented for consideration during the session to be held Thursday, August 3rd in Grand Ballroom at the Omni San Diego Hotel are posted here. This page will change as more reports are received or as actions of the Board of Directors warrant an update. 

Last Updated: July 23, 2018

House of Delegates Motion Card


House 0 - House of Delegates - August 2018

A. House Appointments

  • Credentials: Stephanie Mihane, CO
  • Elections: Kristi Enerson, MN
  • Minutes: Janice Conway-Klaassen, MN
  • Speaker of the House: JR Constance, CO
  • Parliamentarian: Kathy Hansen, MN
B. House of Delegates Agenda
C. Standing Rules DOC
D. Minutes, House of Delegates 2017

E. New Business



House 1 - Officer and Board Reports

A. President's Report
B. President-Elect
C. Region I
D. Region II
E. Region III
F. Region IV
G. Region V
H. Region VI
I. Region VII
J. Region VIII
K. Region IX
L. Region X
M. Student Forum Chair
N. First Year Professional Director



House 2 - Board Committees

A. Appointments
B. Finance
C. Long Range Planning
B. Policy and Procedure



House 3 - Executive Office

A. Executive Vice President



House 4 - Elected/Appointed Comm & Organizations

A. Abstract Review Committee
B. Annual Meeting Steering
C. Awards Committee
D. Bylaws Committee
E. Clinical Laboratory Science
F. Consumer Information Team
G. Diversity Advocacy Council
H. Education & Research Fund
I. Government Affairs Committee
J. Judicial Committee
K. Leadership Academy
L. Leadership Development Committee
M. Membership Committee
N. Mentorship Committee
P. Nominations Committee
Q. P.A.C.E.®
R. Patient Safety Committee
S. Political Action Committee
T. Product Development Committee
U. Promotion of the Profession Committee
V. Scientific Assemblies
W. DCLS Committee



House 5 - Affiliated Organizations

A. Board of Certification
D. Health Professions Network



House 6 - Task Forces

A. Leadership Academy Taskforce
B. Root Cause Taskforce
C. Choosing Wisely Taskforce
D. SLMTA Taskforce
E. Workforce Position Paper Taskforce



House 7 - Constituent Societies

1. Alaska
3. Arkansas
5. California
6. Central New England
7. District of Columbia
8. Colorado
9. Delaware
10. Florida
11. Georgia
12. Hawaii
13. Idaho
14. Illinois 
15. Indiana 
16. Iowa 
17. Kansas 
18. Kentucky 
20. Maine 
21. Maryland 
22. Michigan
23. Minnesota 
24. Mississippi 
25. Missouri 
26. Montana 
27. Nebraska 
28. New Jersey
30. New York
31. North Carolina
32. North Dakota
33. Ohio 
34. Oklahoma 
35. Oregon
36. Pennsylvania 
37. South Dakota
38. Tennessee 
39. Texas 
40. Utah 
42. Virginia 
43. Washington 
44. West Virginia
45. Wisconsin 
46. Wyoming