Discover Your Potential. Get Involved.

The lifeblood of ASCLS is its volunteers whose talent, passion, insight, experience, effort and wisdom is what powers the Society’s good work, amplifying the single voice of the laboratory science profession.

Getting more involved with the Society can also have a postivie and lasting impact on your career. Hear from ASCLS volunteers about how they've developed leadership skills through their participation in ASCLS and how they've applied those leadership skills to their work.

Kathryn Golab, MLS(ASCP)CM, Medical Laboratory Scientist 2, Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, Milwaukee

“My involvement in ASCLS has helped develop my leadership skills because it gives me a network of people that I can lean on and look to if I come across a situation I haven’t come across before.”

How to Volunteer for National Positions

National volunteers on committees are critical to the achievement of the ASCLS mission, and grass roots members like you, who serve on them, are the people that GET THINGS DONE and help keep our organization moving forward. 

ASCLS Representatives serve as the face of the Society to other organizations, such as the Board of Certification, the American Hospital Association and NAACLS. 

Serving ASCLS in one of these capacities allows you to have an influence within your professional organization which, in turn, sets the direction for the medical laboratory profession. 

Diversity within the volunteer ranks makes ASCLS stronger. A mix of new and experienced professionals on all of the committees rejuvenate the organization with fresh ideas while those who have served ASCLS in various capacities over the years bring a wealth of institutional knowledge.

ASCLS utilizes an online system that matches volunteers with positions. Adding yourself to the volunteer pool is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Login to the ASCLS Connect Community and fill out your regular member profile.

Profile Example

2. Review all of the open volunteer opportunities.

3. Apply for the opportunities where you think you can make the biggest contribution.

Your profile will be used throughout the association year to fill other volunteer opportunities as they arise.