Political Action Committee (PAC) Fundraising Competition

Each year the ASCLS Political Action Committee (PAC) holds a challenge to constituent societies and regions to raise funds for the PAC to support activities in the government arena in order to promote governmental policies favorable to clinical laboratory science.


The ASCLS Region which raises the highest amount of money at the prior year’s Annual Meeting will receive breakfast at their Regional Caucus at the current year’s ASCLS Meeting. The constituent society which raises the highest amount of funds (per active membership) in the past fiscal year (July of prior year to May of current year) will be acknowledged at the ASCLS Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony with a plaque. Second and third place winners may be awarded plaques as deemed appropriate.

Application deadline: June 10


Regional winners are announced at the House of Delegates at the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

Each constituent society President or the society’s PAC fund-raising coordinator needs to submit their fund-raising totals to the Chair of the Political Action Committee.

Constituent Society Member of the Year Recognition


The purpose of the ASCLS Constituent Society Member of the Year Award is to recognize a member who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and to the state and/or national ASCLS in the past 5-10 years and who has, by outstanding example, inspired others over that time as an active member in the organization. 

Submission deadline: June 1


All Members of the Year will receive a plaque at the Awards Ceremony at the ASCLS Annual Meeting. 


The constituent society President enters the award recipient into the Online Awards Form. Only one submission is allowed per constituent society.


ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award



  • The purpose of the ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize and honor an ASCLS member who has “made a difference” in ASCLS and the profession of clinical laboratory science. This award provides special recognition to an individual who has provided dedicated and outstanding service at all levels of the organization over a sustained period of time. In addition, the individual has demonstrated outstanding career achievements in clinical laboratory science and has significantly promoted the profession to the public and other health care professionals.


  • All nominees attending the ASCLS Annual Meeting will receive a plaque and recognition at the ASCLS Awards Ceremony where the recipient of this award will be announced.


  • Nominations may be made by:
    • any ASCLS member, or
    • Constituent Society


The nominee must be:

  • A member of ASCLS for at least 20 years prior to nomination
  • A current member at the time of award presentation
  • Actively involved in the profession of clinical laboratory science.

ASCLS Board of Director members are NOT eligible during their tenure on the Board.

Please remember: To be nominated for this award is an honor in itself and is the reason why each nominee receives recognition.


Please weigh the qualifications and choice of this outstanding member carefully. The judges of this award have the difficult task of selecting a winner based on the information provided on the forms. Please pay particular attention to how you complete these forms. Your thoughtful presentation of the candidate’s merit, accurate completion of the forms, and careful attention to the deadline will ensure your nominee the full consideration he/she deserves.

An individual or constituent society may nominate one individual. A previous nomination will not disqualify a person for re-nomination.

It is the nominator’s responsibility to make sure the nominee understands what must be submitted and does the follow-through to see that deadlines are observed. If a constituent society is nominating an individual then the Constituent Society President should assume the role of nominator. A nomination letter in support of the merits of the nominee as an individual and as an active member of ASCLS or state/local societies must be included. It is also the nominator’s responsibility to write and submit the nomination letter. Points are awarded from the nomination letter in the category of contribution to the profession.

All forms must be submitted electronically to the Awards Committee. To be valid, a nomination must follow the format. Additional sheets of information can be submitted. CV’s are not acceptable. The nomination form, the nominee information form, and the letter must be submitted no later than February 15 to the Awards Committee. Nominations lacking either forms or nomination letter will not be accepted.


The recipient of this award is selected based on his/her contribution to the profession and ASCLS over the entire duration of their membership. In selecting nominees, constituent societies or individuals should look at members who have a long history of significant contributions.

Nominees are evaluated using many activities that have occurred over a 20 year time span of membership. Criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ASCLS activities at the local, state, regional, and national levels
  • Activity has increased with years of experience at each level
  • Professional honors given for ASCLS activities
  • National, regional, state
  • Participation in other organizations related to clinical laboratory science (e.g., NAACLS volunteer, Board of Certification committee chair or Board member, AABB, ASM)
  • Contributions to the profession
  • Professional publications and presentations
  • Government and licensure activities on the state level
  • Recruitment into the profession or providing the ‘face of the profession’ by participating in health fairs or science fairs, career days, MLPW activities, and other activities that promote clinical laboratory science in the community

Our goal is to have a group of nominees who represent the epitome of service and professional activities within ASCLS and the Clinical Laboratory Science profession. Even if you feel that the person you would like to nominate may not win the award because he or she is not actively involved in every activity category, please consider suggesting that person as your nominee. There are many members who have inspired us and might not win the award, but what a great way to recognize them for all they’ve done for the profession. It is truly an honor to be nominated!

  1. Download and Complete Attachment 1: ASCLS Society Involvement
  2. Download and Complete Attachment 2: Honors, Presentations, Publications and Other
  3. Complete the Lifetime Achievement Online Nominaton Form and upload Attachment 1, Attachment 2, and nomination letter.

Annual Meeting Poster Competition



This competition strives to encourage members to present their findings at the national level using a poster format. In addition, it provides a venue for laboratory educational programs to showcase their ‘best and brightest’. ASCLS invites all members to present their papers or other relevant findings at the ASCLS Annual Meeting using this format.

The presentations will be judged in a peer-reviewed fashion onsite, and awards provided for the best posters in the following categories: member, graduate student, undergraduate student.

Award: The winners will receive a plaque at the ASCLS Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony.

Awards will be given for the best undergraduate, graduate student, and best practitioner poster at the ASCLS meeting. A complimentary year’s membership in ASCLS at the First Year Professional or the Professional I level will be the prize.

The undergraduate student whose poster is judged best in the competition will also be given a cash prize of $500 by the ASCLS E & R Fund.

Winning authors are encouraged to submit their presentation to the journal Clinical Laboratory Science. (Note: Significant editorial changes may be necessary before publication and the journal reserves the right to reject any submission not deemed worthy of publication.)

Complete submission guidelines and instructions may be found at http://www.ascls.org/education-meetings/annual-meeting/poster-presentation.


  • Any current ASCLS member
  • Accredited MLT or MLS educational programs are invited to present student and faculty/practitioner posters
  • Programs may submit more than one poster


Awards and Scholarships

In addition to providing networking, publications, continuing education and high professional standards, ASCLS recognizes members who help make this society work. The Society presents state, regional and national awards each year at annual meetings. Some members are nominated for awards; others may apply to receive awards.

Each year the Constituent Society Presidents receive the guidelines for the current year's awards program. These guidelines are availabe to everyone, and provide up-to-date information, criteria and application forms.

Download a copy of the 2017-2018 Awards Guidelines

New Online Submission Process for:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • New Professional Leadership Award
  • Student Forum Leadership Award
  • Society Website Award
  • Society Paper Publication Award
  • Society Electronic Publication Award
  • Constituent Member of the Year Recognition
  • Scientific Research Award
  • Theriot Award

Awards Committee Roster

Word Document Attachment Templates

Attachment 1:  ASCLS Society Involvement  (needed for Lifetime Achievement, New Professional Leadership, Student Forum Leadership)
Attachment 2:  Honors, Presentations, Publications and Other (needed for Lifetime Achievement, New Professional Leadership)
Attachment 3:  Student Forum Leadership

Questions about an award?  Contact awards@ascls.org and include the title of the award in the subject line of the email.

Information about each of our national awards can be found on the menu to the right. State societies often have similar awards.


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